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Get free Lui tokens and earn money through ads with our apps

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Welcome to Scooterlui Crypto and More! We are dedicated to providing a unique opportunity for everyone to earn free Lui tokens. Our mission is to empower individuals to generate income through our apps, which are designed to showcase advertisements. By downloading our apps, you not only have the chance to earn money, but also contribute to the growth of our advertising network. Join us today and start exploring the world of crypto and more with Scooterlui!

What we do

to create a sustainable flow of money for everyone



By reskinning existing games, we are cultivating a steadily increasing revenue stream. Our strategy aims to cater to all age groups, creating a unique model where even individuals without tokens can generate income for those who possess them. This innovative approach allows us to distribute Scooterlui tokens through airdrops, broadening our reach and inclusivity.


we do what we love

to create a sustainable flow of money for everyone

As our Company grows

we will add more and more features. we are just limited by money to pay the European union, what they want us to reserve backhands. thats where you come into play!

we can only grow if you participiate - the more income the more we can do and add!

How to


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Get Ready

Our token is on the Polygon Blockchain. 
To Swap your Lui Token you need a wallet connect compatible wallet like metamask, OKX or trust wallet.

We offer different ways to gain more Lui Token:
-> Refer people
-> test new games



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To ensure uninterrupted trading access for all, we've secured our liquidity for a century, thereby safeguarding the financial future of three successive generations.

Contact Us

Get in touch with us and recieve your airdrop

  • CEO

    Benjamin Christopher Leimer

  • Company Name

    Announcement Enterprises

  • Wienerbergstrasse 16-20/10/14,

    1120 Vienna, Austria


  • +43 660 9650943

  • Company Registration Number

                             619164 k

  • EUID:


Benjamin Leimer

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See what people are saying

“I love using Scooterlui Crypto and More! The free Lui tokens they give away are a great incentive to download their apps and start generating money through ads. It's a win-win situation!”
Ervin Howell, VP Product, Deckow-Crist
“Scooterlui Crypto and More changed my life!  free Lui tokens as an airdrop are awesome! I downloaded just one of their apps and started generating money through ads imidially. ”
KarinAi, AI-content Product, Vienna