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Scooterlui crypto and more - Town of the Future

Scooterlui is a nonprofit Firma- but there is more

The "Scooterlui Crypto and More" city heralds a novel approach built upon the pillars of sustainability, technological advancement, social responsibility, along with an emphasis on education and healthcare provision. Drawing inspiration from the historical Fuggerei in Germany, a social housing project established by Jakob Fugger "the Rich" in 1516, this city aims to become a haven for those passionate about technology and their families seeking a sustainable and forward-thinking lifestyle. fully aware that their homes were constructed from plastic reclaimed from the ocean.

Upon moving into their new homes, every resident will be gifted 1 Lui Token, with couples receiving 2 Lui Tokens. This is designed to guarantee that you and your family will never have to face hunger until you achieve your goals.. It is expected that at least one person will actively engage in technological endeavours and entrepreneurial ventures.

Echoing the Fuggerei's ethos, the "Scooterlui Crypto and More" city comprises residential buildings accessible to all, irrespective of their financial status. Each abode is powered by solar and wind energy, leveraging rooftops for the installation of solar panels and wind turbines. Residents commit to contributing to the local economy by providing batteries for energy storage and utilising the internal crypto token "Scooter". A portion of the revenue from cryptocurrency trading is reinvested into maintaining and expanding the sustainable energy infrastructure.

In this city, a strong emphasis is placed on social responsibility and economic cooperation. Every citizen is obligated to report any innovation, app, or similar to the town hall. The community actively participates in charitable projects to enhance the quality of life within the city and plays a role in decision-making processes through participatory governance. Residents also commit to donating a symbolic Euro annually and one (1) battery (as specified by the city) to expand and maintain the communal storage systems, which are strategically placed to ensure resilience in the event of an emergency.

The city aspires to be more than just a place of residence; it aims to be a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship. By regularly supporting talented app developers and offering financial aid for start-ups, a dynamic and creative community is fostered. An annual competition recognises and rewards the most successful app development, fuelling a spirit of innovation. The most successful app becomes the property of "Scooterlui Crypto and More", with 10% of "Scooterlui's" annual profits allocated for its purchase. The victorious developer is released from their city contract to start their own company, although they are restricted from building a house within a 10km radius of the city.

Moreover, the "Scooterlui Crypto and More" city places great importance on education, healthcare, leisure activities, and the integration of individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. Schools, universities, and medical facilities are integrated within the city, ensuring residents have access to quality education and healthcare. Parks, community centres, and cultural events offer opportunities for relaxation, entertainment, and social interaction. Through intercultural understanding and integration programmes, an open, tolerant community that champions diversity and inclusion is cultivated.

Additionally, according to specified percentages, 75% of ScooterLui's post-tax revenue from advertising is invested in the USDT-USDC trading pair, 15% is allocated to a lawyer or law firm for all city residents for any incidents occurring within the city, and 10% is invested in purchasing the most successful app developed in the city that year. Revenue from the USDT-USDC trading pair is channelled into purchasing Lui Tokens. Proceeds from the LUI-MATIC trading pair are distributed equally among the descendants of the Leimer family, with no claims on past payments for those who seek affiliation later. The income from the LUI-USDT, LUI-USDC trading pair is earmarked for constructing a new residence for 5 newcomers, whenever funds permit, ensuring the plot's energy consumption is exceeded by its energy production.